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smoking with bae


you lookin at bae like


bae lookin at you like


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I had to delete a post »



In the last few years I’ve eaten a lot of shit from a lot of people. I made the mistake of saying that a shooting in my community had traumatized me and that I wasn’t pro gun and now the post is getting reblogged and made fun of. I hate you world and I hate you internet. I deleted my post but of…

1. every one has to take shit from people, everyone. unless you’re one of the corporate elite of this planet or a world leader, you’re gonna have to deal with shitty situations and shitty people your whole life. don’t like it? too damn bad. buck up and take it.

2. not everyone is going to share the same opinion as you

3. it’s pretty immature, actually, that you posted something that’s political/controversial as a topic of discussion now-a-days, and expected there to be no consequences. like my dad told me as a child, and what i live by:

if you’re mature enough to make a decision, you’re mature enough to deal with the consequences.

4. you’re tired of pro-gun people being jerks? i’m tired of people like you labeling all of us as psychotic, blood thirsty killers. that’s pretty asshole-ish if you ask me, seeing as though every person i know who owns a gun of some sort including myself, has never thought of killing or hurting anyone with it.

5. in australia, all guns were taken away, dismantled, and disposed of. this actually resulted in higher rates of violent crime. source

6. heroin is illegal. cocaine is illegal. pcp is illegal. but, guess what, criminals still get a hold of these items anyway. why? because they’re criminals. they don’t abide laws now, and never will.

7. as i stated before, i’m a gun owner and proud. also like i stated before, i have never had the thought of shooting someone or causing anyone harm with any dangerous object i own. i don’t even fucking hunt, okay? my rifles are pieces of history, one of which has a service record with the red army during the 2nd world war.

just sayinggggggggggggggg~

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Stock photos are a gift to the internet

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I can’t fucking handle Deadpool and Spider-Man

the best team up of all time haha

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